Psych patient captured after prison break

Rooyse Wissel TBS Clinic
Rooyse Wissel TBS ClinicRooyse Wissel TBS Clinic

A prisoner suffering from mental illness has escaped from the Rooyse Wissel clinic after successfully forging an approved absence card. The prisoner's escape was facilitated by the forged signature of a staff member, according to a news report by “Dit is de Dag Onderzoek.”

Earlier reports have uncovered numerous issues a the Rooyse Wissel clinic. In April of this year, patients reported that they felt unsafe in the clinic, and that adequate treatment was not provided. Smartphone images revealed that patients were given easy access to drugs, money, and mobile phones.

One image showed a patient brandishing two large chef’s knives.

The escapee has since been returned to the clinic and confessed to the escape.