Three injured in brawl, Assen

During a fight in a home on the Zwartwatersweg in Assen on Tuesday afternoon, three people were injured. According to the police, a shot was also fired. Two arrests have been made.

Police received a call at around 3 p.m. about a stabbing in this home. Two men aged 21 and 23 were discovered with light wounds inside the home. These two explained that a fight had broken out earlier between two men who had forced their way into the home. One of these men had a weapon, which was shot during the struggle. Nobody was hit.

The two victims protected themselves with the knives, and managed to get the attackers, along with a third man who had come in, out of their home.

The victims say that the attackers fled in a car. On the Europaweg Noord, the car stopped close to an ambulance and one of the passengers was pushed out of the car. This 25-year-old was bleeding from an arm wound and was taken to hospital by ambulance. Once at the hospital, he was apprehended. He will be brought to a police station once his condition allows him to be transported.

The escape vehicle was discovered in Delfzijl some hours later. A 22-year-old resident of Delfzijl was inside the car. He was arrested for questioning. Police have started an investigation into the case, and are still searching for the third suspect.