Therapist held hostage in psychiatric prison

A staff member from the psychiatric hospital De Rooyse Wissel in Limburg was reportedly held hostage last month. The therapist was trapped as the psychiatric patient held a sharp object on the staff member.

This has been reported by This is the Day Investigation (Dit is de Dag Onderzoek) of the EO on the basis of sources within the clinic.

The Ministry of Security and Justice in a statement says the incident revolves around "a patient who threatened a staff member for a short time."

This is not the first time that De Rooyse Wissel clinic has been in the news. Earlier this month, a psychiatric patient never returned from unsupervised leave. He was arrested after two weeks.

According to Dit is de Dag, it seems that the same client kept himself away from the clinic unlawfully, and even once sent a postcard to the clinic from Spain two years ago.

In April of this year, the EO investigators came out with a report that shows that patients at the clinic in Venray feel unsafe.