EYE Amsterdam holds Theo van Gogh retrospective

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Theo van Gogh fans will be able to see all 13 films he made at Amsterdam's EYE Film Museum from the 10th of October onwards. In this retrospective, some of the more negative thinking about the filmmaker, known for his criticism of Islam, is hoped to be dispelled and replaced with respect for Van Gogh's passion as film maker and film lover. Some of the cast and crew of the films will also be present at some of the viewings, the museum announces on Monday. Between 1981 and 2004, Theo van Gogh made 13 movies, making him one of the most productive Dutch film makers ever.

  These films come in different genres. Early black and white style can be seen in Luger, and Charley. A Day At The Beach (Een dagje naar het strand), Back to Oegstgeest (Terug naar Oegstgeest) and False Light (Vals light) are film adaptations of literature. Some of Van Gogh's smaller-scale productions such as 06, Blind Date and Interview have been remade by American producers. Van Gogh was a filmmaker, but also a columnist and interviewer. He was assassinated on the 2nd of November, 2004, meaning that it will be exactly ten years since his death. This is EYE's way to remember the film maker. The museum will also be showing four of Van Gogh's favorite classic films: Salo, Don' Look Now, A Clockwork Orange and Repulsion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6Slv3V0HqQ