Boy, 3, rescued from recycling container

Ravenstein Recycling Container
@WijkAg_Schadewk @WijkAg_Schadewk

A three-year-old boy has been rescued by the fire brigade from a recycling container several meters below street level. The incident took place Monday afternoon on the Keurvorstenplein in Ravenstein, Noord-Brabant.

The boy was not hurt but was in a state shock, according to the fire department.

After his father noticed he was missing, firefighters and paramedics raced to the scene. It took the fire department nearly 20 minutes to save the child from the dark, confined space.

The recycling container is meant for clothing and textiles. How the boy managed to fall into the bin is unclear, but it is believed that he snuck out of his father’s sight.

Ambulance staff examined him as a precautionary measure, but he was not taken to hospital.