Police suspect two teens in bird deaths

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Police in Eindhoven are looking for two teenage boys in two cases in which birds were beaten to death. In the area of Stratum, on Tuesday the 19th of August, the owner of a meadow caught the two boys in the act of beating the birds. The bots then fled in the direction of a residential area. It is believed that these suspects are also behind an earlier beating on Friday the 15th of August.

Police received a call just after 6 p.m. on Tuesday, from the owner of a meadow on the Riel in Eindhoven. The owner was driving up with a family member, and caught the two boys beating the birds. The boys fled, and the men went after them but could not catch up.

At the meadow, it seemed that the boys had killed a swan, four geese and eight ducks. Two ducks were left with wounds on their heads, and it is unclear whether these will make it. Several ducklings were able to flee, but not with their mother, who was also killed. Six other ducks fled to safety.

A milling machine and a water pump were also destroyed, as was a gate and part of the enclosure. The owner does not believe this was the first time that his birds encountered these boys. On Friday the 15th of August, he came home to find a dead swan, three dead geese and three dead ducks.

Police say that the suspects are around 17 or 18 years old, caucasian. One of them has short blond hair, was wearing a short black T-shirt and black jogging trousers. The second suspect has darker blond hair, was wearing a fake leather jacket, black jogging trousers and dark-colored shoes.

One of the suspects left his shoe behind. Running through the mud of the meadow, it presumably got stuck. One of the suspects was also limping. Police are looking for witnesses, and are asking people whether they know anyone who came home with dirty or wet clothing, and if one of them was missing a shoe.

"Sick assholes beat ducks, swans and geese to death in meadow on Riel in Eindhoven."