Hague ISIS protests set for Sept 20

Pro Patria

Groups in The Hague demonstrating for or against extremism, are taking each other on in the struggle for a new demonstration ground. After The Hague's Mayor Jozias van Aartsen instated a two-month ban against demonstrations in the previously fertile grounds of the Schilderswijk neighborhood, the battle for the Malieveld is on. On the 20th of September, various groups announce that they want to demonstrate for "the people and the fatherland", or against "nationalists and rightist extremists", De Volkskrant reports. 

The Mayor's ban is not stopping any of the groups. A new group is even joining in the fray. The Muslim Defense League (MDL) holland e-mailed police Haaglanden on Friday, announcing their wish to demonstrate.

The ban also does not mean that the Schilderswijk has been left behind. According to De Volkskrant, the Netherlands Folk Union (NVU) has already announced their move to involve the judge. Pro Patria, the group present at the derailed march of August 10th against terrorist movement Islamic State (IS), are negotiating with the municipality today. If this doesn't work, the group will also go to the judge. The group knows that they may have to move to the Malieveld. There will also be a fun fair at the Malieveld on that day.

MDL Holland claims to be the first group to have officially announced themselves for the new location, according to Ismael ibn Adam (34). The group is supportive of IS's goals, and wants to use the 20th of September to make it clear that "the teasing of muslims has to be stopped."

The Schilderswijk is the preferred location. "The message that you cannot walk through a muslim neighborhood shouting anti-Islam slogans comes across best in that place", the demonstrator says.

De Volkskrant writes that Adam has coupled his demonstration with a show of support for the Palestinians, and hopes to gather between 500 and 1000 people for the march. He believes there is no longer a place in The Netherlands for fundamentalists like himself. Constant provocations from Wilders and the stigma against "youths that want to protect the population of Syria and the Sunnis."

Attacks from within the muslim community itself was the last straw for Adam, who founded the MDL Holland in October 2013.

For Mayor van Aartsen, there have not yet been official announcements of any demonstration in his office. He is not yet worried.