Driver seriously hurt in local sprint car race

DSC9730 Raceway Venray

A collision during the Formula 1 and F2 Stock Cars World Cup tournament has left one driver seriously injured. A spokesman for Raceway Vernal in Ysselsteyn, Limburg reports that the driver was airlifted to a hospital in Nijmegen after his car collided with two other vehicles.

The accident occurred at 4:15 p.m. when the driver was exiting a turn and lost control of his vehicle. The car hit the guardrail before coming to a complete stop. As the driver was tried to maneuver his car back on track, his vehicle collided with two other cars and caught fire.

The ambulance service and fire department immediately rushed to the scene. The driver was transported by trauma helicopter to the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen. His condition remains unknown.

Track conditions were said to be somewhat wet at Vernal with the on-again, off-again rain in the Netherlands over the past few days.


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