Hague councilors to meet on Thursday

The municipal council in The Hague will debate on Thursday at 7.30 p.m. the demonstrations in the city's Schilderswijk, which had unsavory ends. Mayor van Aartsen, who has refused to cut his holiday in France short, will be in attendance, the NOS reports.

The debate was requested by Groep de Mos, the PVV and the SP. All of these parties have been critical about the municipality, and notably the mayor, in their arguable inactivity in the face of these chaotic demonstrations. They believe that Van Aartsen should have cut his vacation in France short.

Radical muslims and anti-ISIS patriots clashed in The Hague last weekend. Pro-ISIS demonstrators threw rocks at the other demonstrators, and have been known in the past to chant  anti-Semitic slogans.