R'dam politico wants ad against 'islamophobia'

The leader of the Socialist Party in Rotterdam, Leo de Kleijn, wants the same treatment that has been given to anti-Semitism to go towards fighting 'islamophobia'. On De Kleijn's Facebook page, he references De Telegraaf's issue from last in which well-known Dutch figures signed an advertisement pleading for anti-Semitism in The Netherlands to come to an end, the Algemeen Dagblad reports. 

"High time... Which well-known Dutch person takes the lead?", De Kleijn asks on the social media site. The SP-leader argues that Islam is being insulted continuously. "Especially around the Gaza-demonstrations, you can read on social media that Islam is a stupid religion. That anti-Semitism can only be fought if action is taken against Islam. Apparently we find this kind of text normal, but of course it isn't", De Kleijn says.

The example that De Kleijn would take cue from is an advertisement in De Telegraaf, signed by well-known Dutch people, which reads: "No excuse for anti-Semitism." De Kleijn likes the format, according to the Algemeen Dagblad, but would not spearhead such an action. "It's just a thought I'm putting forward."

De Kleijn understands that the images of the atrocities committed by ISIS (now IS) are horrible, "But IS is made up of dangerous loons. We can't blame muslims in The Netherlands for that can we? I haven't met anyone here who supports the caliphate."