Bike theft spoiled by GPS locator

A habitual bike thief in Amsterdam has picked the wrong bike to steal for the third time in a row. The 48-year-old recidivist stole one of the police's 'bait bikes' on Sunday, resulting in his immediate arrest. 

Police have fitted bikes in Amsterdam with GPS devices, making them easy to track. It also makes the business of finding bike thieves a lot easier.

The police were able to follow the thief's chosen route, and intersected him and the bike on the Korte Prinsengracht. He is in custody.

The new system is going down well with the police. "The bait bike is a simple tracking method that demands little capacity from the police, but does deliver the necessary results", a policewoman tells

The policewoman says it used to take four officers to take on a similar case, now the GPS does the work.