Holland village still under water

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The village of Kockengen had to ask for a sixth emergency water pump yesterday, to clear the streets and homes of excess rainwater from Monday's flooding. As of Thursday afternoon, the water levels in Kockengen seem to be back in order. The village will keep three emergency pumps running. 

Kockengen is a low-lying town between the polders of Maarssenbroek and Amsterdam. Water collects in the village at times of heavy rainfall, which is a problem that water boards and the municipality will tackle. This could take up to 10 years, however.

According to the spokesperson of the municipality, Amsterdam's flood water was also pumped in the direction of the polders, which also ended up in Kockengen.

In Land van Heusden and Altena, an emergency pump was also installed to get rid of the water flooding fields and polders.