Man dead for years found in Amsterdam home

A man was discovered dead in his home last week, years after his death. A neighbor tells AT5 that he has been busy for a long time warning authorities in the Amsterdam neighborhood of Slotermeer of the possible death of his fellow area resident. 

According to the police, the man had been lying dead in his home in the Burgemeester Van de Pollstraat for two years. There will be no investigation into his death, as there is no evidence of crime.

The 70-year-old man reportedly had a drug addiction. Neighbor and shop keeper Abdel Rachid finds it odd that the man's death went unnoticed. "When he didn't come into my shop for half a year, it dawned on us that there was something. The light of his television was on, but there was nobody home."

Rachid says that he told a police officer that there was something wrong, but nothing happened. He also claims to have called the Salvation Army, but to no avail.

In a reaction, the police says that there was never an official report about the fate of the man. Several months ago they did have a look at the home, for another, unknown reason. They did not enter the home at that time. Last week, they decided to go into the house, and found the man dead.

, a man was discovered in his home in Hellevoetsluis three months after his death. This case in Slotermeer is yet another case in a list of cases in which peoples' deaths are not discovered for a long time after the fact.