Warm North Sea water reaching 20 degrees

The beach in Vrouwenpolder, Zeeland. Source: Flickr/d_vdm

Beach weather is back for the first time in three weeks with sea temperatures rising to 20 degrees. Around The Netherlands, the weather will be summery at 25 degrees. MeteoGroep even expects temperatures up to 30 degrees for tomorrow.

Between the 6th and the 10th of June, the last period of summery Dutch weather, the sea temperature was around 16 degrees. Now, it's at 19 and with the expected sunshine, the water in the North Sea will rise up to 20 degrees according to MeteoGroep.

Today will be partly cloudy in some areas, especially in the North of the country. The sun will break through towards the afternoon, and it will be 21 degrees on the coast, and 27 degrees in the South of the country. A strong south-westerly breeze will rise up in the Wadden area.

Tomorrow, temperatures could rise up to 30 degrees, with some chance of showers in the late afternoon and evening. The weekend will bring with it colder temperatures and more rain.