Thousands of new car manufacturing jobs coming: report

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VDL Nedcar is set to become the employer of around a thousand new workers within a few years as it is getting ready to officially open its factory on the 17th of July, at the honor of King Willem-Alexander. This was reported by the Financieele Dagblad (FD) who received the word from president-director Wim van der Leegte of mother company VDL Group. The increasing number of employees for the car manufacturer is largely thanks to the new Mini Countryman which, along with the hatchback will soon start production in Born, in The Netherlands.

For this reason, the company has already brought 400 new people on board, on top of the 1500 already working for Nedcar. In total, the FD states that the company is already working with more than 2100 people. NedCar was saved from going under by VDL, who took the company over after the Japanese Mitsubishi stopped production in Born, Limburg. Now, the factory has already been renovated for the production of Minis, a task from mother company BMW. According to Van der Leegte, this is now the most modern car factory in the world.