Meerkat predicts Dutch World Cup outcome

An apparently clairvoyant meerkat from the Dierenpark zoo in Amersfoort has predicted correctly the outcomes of all of the matches The Netherlands has played thus far in the World Cup. Yesterday, the animal picked Oranje to beat Chile. 

The meerkat, named Caz, gets the task every match to pick between two flags. One of The Netherlands, the other of the opponent. Yesterday, Caz had a moment of hesitation before making his choice, according to the zoo's Facebook page.

The spokeswoman for Dierenpark Amersfoort tells the Algemeen Dagblad that she didn't know how to interpret the hesitation. "Maybe it will be a draw." His eventual choice proved true, however, as The Netherlands beat Chile 2-0.

The zoo has arranged this event for the magazine Kidsweek. The last two matches were also predicted correctly by Caz. Before the Australia game, the meerkat was once again presented with two flags.

"During the prediction for the Kidsweek readers, meerkat Caz walked straight to the Dutch flag. After that he walked to the Australian flag to subsequently pee over it!" the zoo's Facebook page reads.

"CAZ, you did it again! You're the best!" a fan of the meerkat reacts after the Chile match. The park's Facebook page is full of similar comments, remarking at the animal and his little trick. "Good prediction, Caz, keep going", another fan says.