KNVB chief sends FIFA's Blatter letter explaining resignation call

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Michael van Praag, president of Dutch football association KNVB, has sent a letter to FIFA president Sepp Blatter, explaining why he believes that Blatter should not run for a second term.

This comes after Van Praag openly criticized Blatter at the FIFA congress two weeks ago, saying that his image is deteriorating, putting the Federation in bad light. A majority of UEFA officials agreed with Van Praag on this issue.

"Blatter was so shocked by my story that he barely took in the core of my argument. That's why I have repeated everything on paper", the KNVB president tells De Telegraaf.

Van Praag himself believes there was a sense of relief that he finally said something about this. "Personally, I have completely had it with the way it goes with FIFA", Van Praag says.

European football association UEFA will gather in August to determine the future of FIFA and the possible re-election of Blatter.