Baby giraffe born in Limburg zoo

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A baby giraffe was born in the GaiaZOO animal park in Kerkrade on Friday. In front of visitors, the calf was brought into the world in bright daylight.  The birth took place in a separate holding pen where the little quadruped was immediately inspected by her mother and her aunt, the ANP reports.

The birthing process took one hour. After this, the animal could immediately stand on its legs and attempt walking. In the wild, antelopes and other animals have to learn to walk very quickly, so as not to make easy prey out of themselves. Giraffes are also usually born in the night or early in the morning, making this afternoon event extra special. Giraffes cannot easily bend their legs to lie down, so usually give birth standing up. This means that the little calf has a long way to fall, two meters. During the fall, the baby will turn its head and neck so as not to land on its head.

The newborn does not have a name yet. "We wait a few days with that, we first see if everything goes well." In the same day, three little Siberian tigers were born in Amersfoort animal park.