Cruijff impressed with Oranje

Former Dutch footballer Johan Cruijff was just as impressed as the rest of The Netherlands at the Dutch team's performance against Spain on Friday. He emphasizes that everyone should "keep both feet on the ground."

Cruijff believes that a good strategy for Oranje would be to win in their next game, against Australia. Even though equalizing Group B games would be enough to get them to the next phase, he believes a win is better because "then you get rid of all problems in one go, and the rest can just deal with it."

If The Netherlands wins their game with Australia, then equalizing with Chile would be enough to take the group lead and avoid Brazil in the next round.

Even though Cruijff is very happy about the win against Spain, he does say that it wasn't so much the Dutch playing better football. He says the Spanish played a very sloppy game, and were not at all as sharp as they could have been. "Let's be honest, the possibility that the Spanish offered us you'll never get again."

Despite his cautionary words, Cruijff definitely has Oranje fever just like the rest of the country. "In the meantime, I have completely in the mood because of that fantastic defeat. Last weekend I took part in a golf tournament and played entirely in orange. Orange shirt, orange trousers and orange shoes. Everyone stared at me, but I had fun with it."