New York man suspected of several Amsterdam murders

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A 24-year old Dominican man living in Amsterdam, George H., is involved in an expanding investigation involving fraud and possible murder, Het Parool reports. 

Initially, the Ministry of Justice accused H. of a 'medicine murder'. On Wednesday, however, the court hearing against H. revealed that the first accusal also included a second murder. There are also two other death investigations where H. was a person of interest.

H. is a Dominican man born in New York. He has been in custody for six months already. He is accused of murdering two other Dominican men (aged 22 and 24) with suxamethonium chloride (also succinylcholine), which is a muscle relaxer used in operations. H. is thought to have wanted to fraudulently take these peoples' life insurance and funeral insurance.

The suspect lived in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, and acted as a sort of oracle and counselor for the Dominican community there. He was also sometimes involved in handling peoples' insurances. Last year November, he was investigated for fraudulent behavior in these insurance cases. One of the victims, Alfredo Bido Fernandez (24) passed away directly after the investigation started.

George H. denies involvement, but has not yet given a statement. "This is a nightmare for me from which I want to wake as soon as possible", he says. The court decided that he will remain in custody for the time being.

"All inexplicable cases of death in the Dominican community are transfered to H.", one of his lawyers Manon Aalmoes says. Aalmoes and H.'s other lawyer Henk Koopman are arguing that the two deaths of which H. is accused have not been investigated thoroughly enough, and that they could have died from another cause. suxamethonium chloride is not easily traceable, which is why it is considered the perfect murder weapon.

The investigation into the murders and the insurance fraud are ongoing.