Temp could hit 30 degrees this week

The weather predictions for the Pinksteren (Whitsunday) days could run up to 30 degrees. The warm weather may make its welcome return to the Netherlands towards Friday.  Weather models of this morning show that a south-easterly wind will bring with it a warm front. Friday, temperatures will rise to between 20 and 25 degrees, with dry sunny weather. Saturday, the temperatures could soar to 30 degrees. If this happens, it will be a tropical day and the first of its kind this year. Up to the weekend, temperatures will go up and down, with dry, cool weather expected for today. Tuesday, temperatures will rise from between 16 and 21 degrees to 18 and 23, with chances of showers. On Wednesday, there will be patches of showers, and the temperatures will drop down to between 15 and 18 degrees. These showers will disappear on Thursday, and the weather will slowly start to rise. The warm temperatures will last through the weekend up to the second day of Pinksteren on Monday.