Cops shoot man with sledgehammer

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A man brandishing a sledgehammer as well as a firearm attacked a police officer on the Hellendaalstraat in Rotterdam on Wednesday. The police officer shot the attacker in the leg.

This is the second police shooting incident occurring on the same day. Residents of a home on the Hellendaalstraat signaled the police at around 1 p.m. that there was a man behaving suspiciously, standing in front of their door.

The police officer who responded to the call was immediately attacked by the suspect with a sledgehammer. The officer was hit on his arm and his head, and proceeded to shoot his attacker in the leg. A weapon was discovered next to the man on the ground.

The injured police officer was brought to hospital with wounds on his head and arm, but could leave again after a short treatment.

The suspect was arrested. The 32-year old man from Eindhoven was brought to hospital. Police are now investigating his motives. The National Detective Force is also obliged to investigate the police shooting, which is standard procedure.