Actress threatened for Wilders critism

Elle van Rijn, a Dutch actress from Uden, is being threatened for her appearance on the talk show WNL op Zondag, in which she asked PVV-leader Geert Wilders critical questions.

Geert Wilders cited some research that claims 43 percent if Dutch people agrees with his standpoint on Moroccans in the Netherlands, that there should be fewer. Van Rijn did not let him get away with that.

"You just throw out some numbers and honestly they don't make any sense! I would love to see a research bureau in action addressing those kinds of figures", the actress said angrily.

The comment has now landed Van Rijn in hot water. Hours after her appearance on WNL, she received several threats. She read these aloud on Radio 1. "Dirty leftist whore, you'll find out. I often see you walk around with that @3!-&* head of yours. Soon a knife between your tits, dirty breeding machine", one of the threats read.

Elle van Rijn will report these threats, Omroep Brabant reports.


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