Justice official on the ropes: vote of confidence pushed

Fred Teeven
State Secretary Fred TeevenFred Teeven

The PVV wants to have a Parliament debate about the increased number of asylum seekers coming into the country. According to PVV- MP Sietse Fritsma, the party may present state secretary Fred Teeven of Security and Justice with a vote of no confidence. 

Fritsma is demanding the borders be shut at once against the flood of refugees. "Teeven has created the problem himself by effecting the PvdA's entire wish list with a new pardon ruling, scattering residence permits and pampering illegals. Now he has to see the consequences of this mismanagement and deal with it. The Netherlands must exit the EU and Schengen as quickly as possible, so that we can once again control our own borders."

On Wednesday, Teeven announced that the number of asylum seekers coming into the country has increased to a thousand a week. He has called it an "alarming" situation. If the situation continues as it is, the Netherlands will have to answer 65,000 new asylum requests at the end of the year.

Teeven has said that he wants to take measures. He believes human trafficking is a big culprit for the sharp increase in asylum seekers.

Mobile controls at the borders have been intensified. The PVV and the CDA have pleaded to reinstate border control, but this cannot happen easily, due to the European Schengen Agreement, Teeven says.