Oranje stuck at 15th in FIFA ranking; Below USA, Above France

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The Dutch national team has become stuck in 15th place on the newest FIFA ranking list. The Chilean team, who were Oranje's competitors in the group matches at the World Cup, rose one place, coming out at 13th. 

Spain, reigning chaps, European champs and another opponent for the Netherlands in the World Cup, is still dominating the list.

Host country Brazil is now fourth behind Spain, Germany and Portugal while Australia, the third opponent in the group phases of the World Cup, stayed in 59th place.

The current FIFA rankings list:

1. Spain
2. Germany
3. Portugal
4. Brazil
5. Colombia
6. Uruguay
7. Argentina
8. Switzerland
9. Italy
10. Greece
11. England
12. Belgium
13. Chile
14. USA
15. Netherlands
16. France
17. Ukraine
18. Russia
19. Mexico
20. Croatia
21. Côte d'Ivoire
22. Scotland
23. Denmark
24. Egypt
25-t. Bosnia and Herzegovina
25-t. Sweden
25-t. Algeria