Two caught abducting Rotterdam woman

Police Van
A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia)A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia)

Police in Rotterdam arrested two men who kidnapped a woman on Sunday. Thanks to eye-witnesses, police were able to find the men and bring them in to the station for questioning.

A passenger on a bus witnessed a woman possibly being dragged into a car against her will at station Lombarijden in the morning. She called the police and warned them of the situation.

Police consequently spoke to two witnesses at a bus stop on the Spinozaweg who said that they saw a car with a backdoor standing open. They said they could see a woman's legs hanging out of the door, struggling. The woman was being abused by two men inside the car.

Later, another witness came to the police station to report a man abusing a woman on the Langegeer. Police went to the area and discovered two men in a vehicle that was already being looked for. The 33-year old victim was sitting on the pavement, and was very emotional. The culprits, 42 and 37-years of age, were brought to the police station and will be questioned.