Ajax fans threaten team, management

Ajax fans have been threatening the management and the staff members of the football club for years, according to independent research from the Volkskrant. The paper reveals that 16 people who are or were tied to Ajax spoke of a culture of intimidation created by fans of the F-side, which is the old hard core, and VAK 410, the new hard core. Most threats are not reported to the police. 

The Volkskrant is likening the nature of the situation to domestic abuse, with peace and happiness appearing only on the surface, whereas behind closed doors all sorts of incidents happen.

The story is sourced and written anonymously, out of fear of reprisal. Various people involved are making comparisons with the mafia.

An incident that did come to light in the last years is that involving ex-director Sturkenboom. In protest of his management, fans went to his house and walked through his garden. Srurkenboom retired shortly after. According to the Volkskrant, people knew this was a planned action from the hard core but neither Sturkenboom nor the police were informed.

During the 'Cruijff-revolution' which cleared the path for the current leadership, people were also threatened at Ajax. Envelopes containing bullets were sent and children received letters in their lunch boxes with the text 'daddy has to stop' written on them. "If the hard core aims at family, all the managers yield", an anonymous staff member tells the paper.

Some of the hard core preferred Louis van Gaal to lead Ajax. "Johan Cruijff knew how important backing from supporters is and therefore sent ex-players to appease them", the staff member says. Cruijff's plans were explained by Dennis Bergkamp, Wim Jonk and Bryan Roy.

The hard core leaders decided hereupon that Cruijff would be supported, and the supporters who did not feel the same way would become outcasts. Cruijff did win the struggle eventually, very much thanks to the support of the core. As a thank-you, a match was arranged between ex-players and the Ajax Supporters Delegation, of which the hard core is also member.

Last week, the Telegraaf reported that a quadruple-murder convict by the name of Martin van de P., or 'Polletje' is acting as bodyguard for players. He was also in the supporters team. According to the Volkskrant, it is becoming clear that Van de P. plays a prominent role in the hard core and that he is popular with young hooligans.

In prison, the criminal was visited by then-president Michael van Praag. To win Van de P.'s favor, Van Praag brought an Ajax shirt with him.