Wild high-speed chase on the A12

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Two men were involved in a wild chase on Sunday. They drove a motorcycle policeman into a corner and drove against traffic on the highway, the police reports. They were apprehended eventually.

The men (24 and 25 years old) drove past an alcohol control in Zoetermeer at around 6 o'clock. They hooted as they drove through a red light, and the police started the chase.

On the A12 in the direction of Utrecht, speeds of 190 kilometers per hour were registered. They pulled the handbrake several times, causing an ensuing policeman on his motorbike to have to break suddenly as well.

Police lost the men in Gouda, but found them again near Utrecht. After driving on the wrong side of the road for a while over the A27 near Vianen, one of the passengers in the car called 112. He wanted to hand himself over, and was picked up near the car. Later, the second man was stopped in a taxi.


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