Deurne 'self-defense' judgement premature

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Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Ybo Buruma, believes that the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) judged too quickly that the shooting of the jewelry store robbers in Deurne was self-defense. Buruma did understand the Court's need to say something, as the dramatic case had a big impact. Buruma said this on Sunday in the tv show Buitenhof. During the incident in March, two robbers were shot. It later appeared that the gun was fired by the jeweler's wife.

Prosecutor General Bart Nieuwenhuizen said a day after the robbery that it looked like a case of self-defense, that a judge would honor the appeal for self-defense and that there wasn't likely to be a sentence. According to Buruma, these comments about self-defense were "a bit quick and actually not so happy." He does appreciate that the OM did not come out with information very quickly, because in this time of the internet, news spreads fast and the call for commentary is big. Buruma also applauds Justice for deciding quickly that the suspects did not need to be placed under arrest immediately, which normally happens in these kinds of cases.