More trains, better service: New NS chief

The new president of Dutch Railways (NS), Timo Huges, has said that he wants there to be more trains, that they should have a better reputation and make more profit. Trains should also be less congested, a spokesperson for the NS announces after a report about this in the Telegraaf.

Huges, who was appointed in October, says that the passenger must not only come first, but also second and third, and should be able to offer more advice and input.

Working together with different transport companies is also on the list of tasks, with which Huges hopes to improve station-to-station transport with, among others, the ov-bikes, trams, buses, cars or taxis.

How profits and large-scale improvements will work together is unclear. "That will come another time", the NS spokesperson says.

He doesn't want to reveal too much, but does say that further details on this step will be made public very soon.