Eindhoven think-tank against intolerance

Politicos in Eindhoven are going to form a think-tank that will discuss incidents in the city that seem to point to an increasing intolerance. 

On Tuesday, a council meeting revealed that politics does not seem to have the tools to deal with incidents that are happening against muslims after the robbery of the jeweler's shop in Deurne, and with the muslim woman who had her hijab torn off her head.

The PvdA, GroenLinks and SP are now calling for a serious working group that will work together with the mayor to brainstorm ideas that will work some way towards decreasing intolerance in Eindhoven.

Mayor Rob van Gijzel was in agreement with CU-council member Ko Jansen who believes politics should not be so quick to jump into the issue du jour.

He also pointed out that schools and churches are already doing their part to fight racism. If politics then also gets involved, it may have an adverse effect, he opined.

Van Gijzel as mayor does feel it incumbent upon himself to do something. He agrees with minister Ivo Opstelten who had strong words against the incident with the muslim woman in Eindhoven.