Police find hole full of dead animals, Rosmalen

A 72-year old man from Rosmalen has admitted to digging the hole, in which multiple dead animals were discovered, that police found on monday. 

Hunter and dog boarding house owner, the man used he hole to discard animal waste. It is thought that the man may have dug several holes in the Rosmalen forest in the last few years, in which he dumped animal bodies.

Animal police came to the forest on the Maliskampsestraat on Monday after children discovered one of the holes the man dug while playing. The hole contained at least ten dead animals including cats, crows, and pigeons.

On Monday, fifteen objects that may be animal traps were also seized from the man. He admits that he buried the crows, pigeons and parts of a roe-deer in the hole, but denies having anything to do with the cats.

Most animals were already decomposing, but two cats were still possible to identify. They seem to be neighborhood cats who have been missing for two weeks. It is possible that the animals were killed. They are being investigated by the Animal Clinic Rosmalen Kruisstraat.

Animal police is trying to piece together what happened by speaking to residents in Rosmalen. For health and safety reasons, the hole has been filled and shut.