'5th Heineken kidnapper' passes away

Rob Grifhorst passed away in Amsterdam on Wednesday. He is known as 'the fifth Heineken kidnapper.' It is unclear what the cause of death was, but Grifhorst's passing was confirmed by his lawyer. 

In 1983, the year that beer magnate Freddy Heineken was kidnapped, Grifhorst was considered a suspect for a short time. He was a good friend of Cor van Hout, the man who fled after the kidnapping together with Willem Holleeder to France.

Grifhorst was kept under surveillance from the Department of Justice for some time. It was suspected that he received the part of the ransom that was never found. It is possible that the lost millions were used to buy buildings.

Thomas van der Bijl, a pub owner who was later assassinated, also said that Grifhorst received the ransom money. Grifhorst always contested that.