Police misbehavior at NSS investigated

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After receiving complaints, the National Police has launched an investigation into the behavior of their agents during the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague in March.

The agents that are being investigated spent the night before the Summit in a hotel in Wassenaar.

Hotel guests complained about noise, and were kept up late into the night. For this, the hotel offered their excuses, but the police did not, according to the Noord-Hollands Dagblad.

The National Police says that between 10 and 15 agents were involved in incidents such as inappropriate behavior and alcohol consumption.

Whether that alcohol consumption influenced their performance at the NSS ins unclear. The agents were working shifts, so it is possible that they would have had an early start the following morning.

The Police will most likely exercise disciplinary measures against the agents involved.

Dutch officers weren't alone in their rowdy behavior during the NSS. Three of American president Obama's Secret Service agents were also after they were discovered to have broken the rules, drinking alcohol on duty. One of Obama's bodyguards was even found unconscious in the hallway of their hotel, in Noordwijk where the president was also staying.