20 years for prison stabbing

A 31-year old man from Hoorn has had a 20-year prison sentence demanded against him by the public prosecutor in Utrecht after the prisoner was involved in two stabbings.

The last of these stabbings occurred on the 30th of July in Nieuwegein and was fatal. On that day, the prisoner, Oswaldt D., put a knife through the heart of a 23-year old inmate in the kitchen of the penitentiary.

The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) is saying that it was attempted murder, as D. planned the stabbing beforehand, sharpening a knife into a shiv from a cutlery set.

Oswaldt D. was earlier brought to court for a stabbing incident in 2012 in a prison in Zwaag. For this, he was transferred to Nieuwegen with a 36 month sentence.