Snack bar owner robbed, killed

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A shooting at the Snack Point snack bar in Eindhoven has resulted in the death of its Turkish owner, Adem Cokicli. Another person was lightly injured, according to a co-worker of the business. 

Witnesses to the shooting say that it happened after a robbery, and describe the shooter as a "man with a balaclava", but the police can not confirm this.

At the snack bar on the Minckelersstraat, while there were employees and clients, a man entered the shop at around 10 p.m., fired several shots, and ran away.

A colleague of Adem Cokicli describes him as "a friendly man." He is the father of two daughters, and started the Snack Point some six years ago.

Police officers have done an investigation at the snack bar. The Bureau of Investigation's technical unity arrived on the scene at around 11:15 p.m. A spokesperson for the police can not yet say what exactly happened.