Wilders attacks Rutte on jeweler killings

Leader of the PVV, Geert Wilders, has virulently criticized Prime Minister Mark Rutte for a promise he made to children on the Jeugdjoernaal programme on Thursday last week.

In the broadcast, Rutte approached the reporter to make a statement to children, telling them that they will not get extradited just like that, alluding to the comments Wilders made about fewer Moroccans.

Wilders retorted on Twitter, asking "Mark, will you comfort the children of jewelers today?"

Just before Wilders' tweet, there was a press conference about the robbery of a jewelry store in Deurne, in which the two burglars were shot dead. One of the two was a 20-year old man from Eindhoven.

According to the Public Prosecution Authority (OM), this man has a Moroccan background. He was sentenced for a similar crime earlier. The second robber is possibly a Dutch man with roots in North-Africa, but his identity has not yet been confirmed.

The prime minister does not want to react to the Tweet of Wilders.