Foxes born in Oostevaardesplassen

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Delight at Oostvaardesplassen as a litter of foxes was born Friday morning. The foxes can be followed via webcam, but it is still unclear how many foxes there actually are. From the images, people are guessing four pups were born.  The birth of the foxes was able to be followed live via webcam on the 'follow the fox' website. The website has three cameras on the foxes, and the mother was lying in the sight of one of the cameras, with her back to the lens. Every now and then, a tiny fox was visible. Park Ranger, Bertwin Bergman of Staatsbosbeheer (Forestry Service) is understandably elated. "The mother fox was quite round, so I'm curious to see how many young were born. We are waiting, and in the mean-time we're enjoying the young luck in the den." Staatsbosbeheer does not give wild animals names. "They are not pets after all, but animals who live in the free nature." The webcams have been in place for a week at the fox den in the Oostvaardersplassen, which is a nature area in-between Almere and Lelystand. Around 50 foxes live in the area. The website shows round-the-clock images of the foxes' lives. Last year, the site was visited almost 2.5 million times.


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