EYE film museum to pay tribute to Hitchcock

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The EYE film institute in Amsterdam will be paying a big tribute to 'Master of Suspense', Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) this Summer.  The film institute will be screening the most important films from "the most iconic and influential British director of all times." Visitors won't just be able to see well-known masterworks such as Vertigo and slasher institution Psycho, but Hitchcock's English talkies and silent films from the 30s as well.

The British film institute as restored nine of his early silent films, which they will show in the Summer. Music performances, readings and a course complete the program. "Hitchcock was famous for his brilliant scenarios and visual discoveries, which lost none of their power", the Eye says. "Hitchcock is still an icon in popular culture 30 years after his death." The event, titled The Hitchcock Touch, will be held from the 24th of July to the 30th of October.