Police pleased with NSS performance

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The Dutch national police are pleased with their performance during the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) so far. There were no major disruptions. 140 Arrests were made so far, most of them protesters.

Police were responsible for the safety of the members of the different delegations attending the NSS, as well as the safety of the citizens. 13,000 Police officers were assigned to carry out the task in a joint effort with other security services, according to Arno Julsing of the National Police force. Officers were also assigned to accompany 700 trips of delegation members and secure President Obama's visit to Amsterdam. Most of the protesters that were arrested have already been released. "Many people saw their lives affected by the NSS, but they too contributed in an important way by cooperating and staying alert," acknowledged Julsing. Wednesday evening, after the last delegation has returned home and the officers return to theirs, is when the largest police operation ever will finally be over.