PVV members Almere will stay

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On Friday last week, PVV council members from Almere claimed to be taking distance from PVV-leader Geert Wilders' dismissive comments about Moroccans. Now it seems they will stay under PVV denomination, Omroep Flevoland reports.

Eight of the nine PVV-council members took distance from Wilders' anti-Moroccan slur during the election evening speech on the 19th of March, forming part of a growing group of PVV dissidents leaving the party over the last week.

Chris Jansen, number 2 on the list of candidates, was the only one who remained supportive of Wilders. On Saturday, Jansen said on Radio 1 that Wilders warned the defiant council members that they could no longer operate under the name of the PVV if they would send out an announcement that they were taking distance from him.

This has yet to happen. Jansen was ousted from the fraction by council members, because he did not adhere to agreements.

Although the PVV is nationally undergoing a minor mutiny, the PVV-fraction of the province of Zuid-Holland is wholly supportive of Wilders, Omroep West reports. Unanimous support was declared for the leader at a fraction meeting.

Vicky Maeijer, fraction president, even went so far as to say that politicians, the media and several organizations have been breeding an unprecedented atmosphere of hate and demonization against the PVV.