Reports against Wilders immeasurable

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The number of reports flooding in against Wilders is so overwhelming that the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) can't keep up. Neither can they give an exact or even ballpark figure. 

Thursday afternoon, it was reported that at least 100 reports have come in against PVV-leader Geert Wilders, the OM announced.

The reports coming in have the collective goal to get Wilders prosecuted for his expressions about Moroccans on election evening in The Hague on Wednesday. On that day Wilders encouraged his supporters to chant that they want less Moroccans in the city, which Wilders subsequently said he would "arrange."

Several organizations have filed reports against Wilders as well, including Dutch Moroccan Cooperation Bond. They encouraged people to go to the police if Wilders' comments caused them distress.

There is also a Facebook page with the same message, which currently has almost 80,000 likes.

The police is making an inventory of the number of declarations and will then meet with those who filed a complaint to record their report. This could take a number of days, which means the OM has no figures to publish yet. The situation changes every 15 minutes, the OM say.

The OM claims the situation to be judicially complicated, as the freedom of speech law makes it difficult to peg down exactly how Wilders could be charged, if this ends up happening at all.