One dead in Zeeland fire; two hurt

A big fire at a home on the Axelsestraat in Terneuzen on Thursday has killed one person, and injured two others. 

The identity of the deceased person is unknown. The police is currently investigating, but has a suspicion that it was the resident of the home who died.

Reports of the fire came in at around 11:45 Thursday evening. The fire was already breaking out of the house by the time the fire department arrived. Two people had to be brought to hospital, while the Safety Region Zeeland (Veiligheidsregio Zeeland) announced another person to be missing.

Later, this was determined to be correct, as a deceased victim was discovered inside the home once the emergency services were able to enter the building.

Surrounding buildings were kept wet by the firemen to make sure the fire couldn't spread. Residents were told to close windows and doors and to switch of mechanical ventilation systems.

The fire department was able to control the fire at around 1 a.m. An hour later, the Veiligheidsregio announced that the department would be busy for a while to ensure the fire was entirely quenched.

The two who were brought to hospital are a 54-year old man from Terneuzen, and another 46-year. The former has burn wounds on his face and hands, and is still in hospital.

The second person jumped from the attic window of the burning building and broke his shoulder. He was able to leave hospital after treatment.