Party corruption-suspect Van Rey wins Roermond

The Liberal People's party of Roermond (LVR) has won big in Roermond. This, despite the fact that the party's establisher Jos van Rey is suspected of corruption. 

The party received 29 percent of the vote, which is good for ten seats. It is therefore the biggest party in the municipality in Limburg, it seems from the current election results.

The ex-VVD member reacted to L1 on Wendesday with a prognosis. "I have always presumed that the citizens of Roermond know me well." He eschewed the question if the accusations of corruption cast a shadow over the elections.

There was some local protest against Van Rey and his party, when posters were graffitied over, and a Facebook page mocking the party got 3,500 likes.

The VVD, who Van Rey turned his back on, only won three seats, in stark contrast to four years ago when the VVD won with eleven council seats.