Voting turnout same as 2010

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So far 29 percent of eligible voters have cast their votes in the city council elections, according to polling agency Ipsos, based on a poll around 15:30. The turnout is the same as in 2010. A previous poll among eligible voters predicted a historically low turnout with only 43 percent, compared to 2010 when 54 percent of the voters cast their vote.

There have not been any major problems with voting, safe for some minor incidents. The polling stations at train stations were very busy this morning and the same is expected during the evening rush hour. In Amsterdam a man posed as a woman, showing up in a niqab, a garment that only shows the eyes. He left when he was told he would have to unveil his face in a separate room. Many D66 voters in De Bilt vote for former minister Els Borst, who lost her life in a crime. The polling stations opened at 7:30 this morning and will close at 21:00 tonight.