Els Borst murdered; dead two days in garage

It has now come to light that ex-minister Els Borst could have been dead for two days before she was found next to her car by her friends last month. 

The police announced this in the programme Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday evening. A spokesperson for the police said that they can now deduce with certainty that Borst was a crime victim.

Minister Borst was probably attacked on February 8th, after a D66-congress in Amsterdam, and only found two days later, on Monday evening. She was still wearing her black winter coat.

Police have received 150 tips already, concerning the ongoing case. After the programme aired, 20 new tips have come in, the nrc reports.

The police is still looking for witnesses who may have seen Borst on 8 February. Police are currently looking for a disoriented man who visited Borst's home several times in the days before her death. The minister of state told family and acquaintances about the man, who knocked on her door at 7 a.m. the first time she saw him, and who made a troublesome impact on her. It is possible that this man came to more homes on the Ruysdaellaan.

A woman in a red jacket with a red headscarf is also sought, who may have walked through the street at the time that Borst came home.

On February 8th, Borst took the train from the congress in Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam back to her home in Bilthoven. She encounters an acquaintance, and they travel on together. In Bilthoven the acquaintance offered Borst a lift, but she walks to her car, which is parked a short walking distance away. Borst arrives home just after 7 p.m. She drives into the garage, where she is found two days later with her coat still on.

The police is further dismissing a possible break-in, due to no evidence. A diving squad took to the pond near Borst's home. Divers found "a few things" in the pond, but police won't reveal if these can be useful to the investigation.

Elsevier tweeted this picture of the dive.