Election rigging questions raised in Brabant

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Mayor Jan Hamming of the Brabant municipality Heusden is going to file a police report about the illegal recruiting of votes, announced a City spokesperson, after they City picked up on signals. The spokesperson did not want to elaborate on who the guilty parties were.

The mayor informed all participating political parties of his intentions, and called on the public to report to the City any attempts of vote shopping. Several political parties responded surprised. "There will always be rumors," said PvdA chairman Marianne de Wild. A similar incident occurred in Soest, where PvdA candidate, Osman Suna, and party member Adem Baskaya urged Muslims not to let their vote go to waste, but to turn in their ballot papers, so the vote could go to the PvdA. Suna stepped down Tuesday night, claiming he never intended to break the law.