Crime couple suspects in kidnapping

The Dutch Bonnie & Clyde, Antonio van der P. and Enise B., who were center stage last month in a wild police chase fom Dutch as well as German authorities are now embroiled in a new kidnapping case. 

According to the Public Prosecution Authority (OM), the duo were also involved in a mysterious kidnapping in February in Echten, Drenthe.

On the night of the 10th of February, a man from Ruinen was threatened with a gun by two unfamiliar individuals. He was then forced to lie in the boot of a car. The man somehow escaped when the kidnappers cut the engine. After some time, the victim returned to his car. The attackers had left by then, the OM reports.

Antonio van der P. and Enise B. are refusing to cooperate with a shortened extradition procedure. The OM is saying that a German judge will be working on the extradition procedure, which could still take a few weeks to get through.

After this, the case will be brought in front of the court in Assen.

The fugitive duo were finally caught in Germany, after a manhunt and a lot of media attention. Families of the pair pleaded for sense. The notorious story is going to be glorified in a film, as planned by famous Dutch thriller writer Tomas Ross.