Only 10% Dutch buy superfood hype

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10 Percent of the Dutch believe it necessary to complement their diets with 'superfoods', according to a study by The Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation (Voedingscentrum)  among 1,000 randomly selected subjects. Youth and higher educated people are more enthusiastic about superfoods, but the older the subjects, the more critical they grow of the glorified benefits.

The Voedingscentrum warns against these so-called "miracle foods", but is satisfied that most Dutch don't fall for the hype. Rather than consuming large quantities of any specific fruit or veggie to reduce the risk of cancer, or slow aging, variety is the keyword. In addition to such claims not being scientifically founded,  "there can be no specific food that delivers all necessary nutrition the body needs", according to the Voedingscentrum. The term 'superfood' may be freely used and one out of six Dutch are familiar with the word. About 25 percent of the surveyed admits to buying superfood from time to time to boost their immune system or increase their energy level. Consuming anything in large quantities can lead to an unbalanced diet, even if it concerns vegetables or fruit, which belong in a healthy diet, states the Voedingscentrum.