Man with €300,000 fine apprehended

Police Van
A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia)A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia)

The border police apprehended a man on Thursday who has an approximate outstanding fine of €320,000. The arrest was made in cooperation with the Royal Military Police. 

"We typed in his license plate and then it appeared that he still had a hefty debt", a spokesperson for the Military Police said.

The 42-year old resident of Enschede was checked in the area of Glanerburg because he acted suspiciously. If the man still refuses to pay the fine, he will have to do 540 days of jail time.

The border police fights criminality that crosses the border. There is cooperation here with the German Bundespolizei.

Wednesday, a man was apprehended at Schiphol airport who wanted to board a flight to North-Africa. He still had an outstanding fine of about €279,000.